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Stay Healthy All Year Long

Staying healthy throughout the snowy season is hard on everyone — even big tough guys like me, Marley!! (I’m 4 pounds of solid chihuahua muscle, baby!)

First, I exercise less. They tell me I can’t go on big walks — even when it’s sunny out! — because it’s too slippery or cars might not see me in the snow.

Next, if your pets are like me, they probably like to eat and sleep more in the winter too…and they tell me that’s not great either! Pfffft.

But don’t worry — I got you! I picked out the best health and wellness products that my buddies at Global Pet Foods have to offer. Let’s stay happy and healthy all year long, together!

Healthy Pets = Happy Pets

When you treat your dogs, cats, birds, and small animals with the right health and wellness products, you’re gonna see big changes. They’ll be happier, they’ll have fewer health issues, and they’ll live long and happy lives.

How do I know this? I’m 11 years old and living my best life! Nothing can stop this chihuahua.

Check out my top picks right here — to help your pets live their pawsitively best lives.


Image by Skout’s Honor.

1. Skout’s Honor Probiotic Itch Relief

Like people, dogs can get dry skin in the winter. (Big ouch on my tiny paws!) Skout’s Honor Probiotic Itch Relief is a gentle, calming lotion that soothes and hydrates painful, itchy, irritated skin. It provides long-lasting relief and it’s safe enough to use every day. (Plus, it smells good! And I loveeee smelling good!)


Image by Aimé Kitchen.

2. Aimé Kitchen™ Dehydrated Pet Food

Who doesn’t love fresh meat?! Mmm… Here’s the next best thing — ​​Aimé Kitchen™ Dehydrated Pet Food for dogs and cats. This tasty food is made with real, high-quality meat and is gently air-dried for lasting flavour. It also includes ingredients that get rid of bad mouth bacteria. (Bye, Felicia!)


Image by Messy Mutts.

3. Messy Mutts Pet Bowl with Lids

Big or small, your pups can make a mess! These bowls are spill resistant and easily stackable for storage or travel. They’re also non-porous, so they prevent bacteria growth to keep everyone safe.

4. The Honest Kitchen Goat’s Milk with Probiotics for Cats

Me-ow-wow! This one’s for my feline friends — this goat’s milk has over 1.5 billion active probiotics that are amazing for your gut health! It’ll protect your immune system and help you fight off yucky illness. (I wouldn’t mind some myself…)

5. Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Small Animal Supplement

Mom says vitamin C is one of the secret ingredients to help you stay healthy! These tasty supplements are for small animals (like guinea pigs!) and can help during times of stress or illness. Everyone needs a little boost sometimes — no matter your size!


Image by Integricare.

6. Tri-Acta Regular Strength Joint Health Supplement

Dog years, cat years, or human years…at every age, you gotta take care of your bones! Tri-Acta Regular Strength Joint Health Supplement helps with age-related soreness, arthritis, injuries, surgery recovery and more — and it’s even great in preventing joint health issues!

7. Adored Beast Raw Hemp Oil

Did you know there are SO many benefits to hemp? Like this Raw Hemp Oil from Adored Beast. It’s a great source of essential fatty acid to build healthy hearts, brains, coats, and joints for doggies like you and me!


Image by Bluestem.

8. Bluestem Oral Care Water Additive

Brushy, brushy! Lots of cats and dogs have trouble with their teeth (myself included!) — but this chicken-flavoured water enhancer can keep yours in tip-top shape. Bluestem Oral Care Water Additive freshens breath, fights plaque and tartar, and keeps your teeth looking bright!


Image by Emerald Pet.

9. Emerald Pet Urinary Tract Formula Cat Treats

My feline friend RuPaul tells me these are his “go-to” for keeping his digestive health in check. They’re made with natural cranberry, coconut oil, and chicken liver! (Mm…chicken liverrrr.)


Image by Shameless Pets.

10. Shameless Pets We Be Salmon Calming Chews for Dogs

It’s a scary world out there! Loud noises, long car rides, thunderstorms, and not seeing my paw-rents for a few hours are just a few things that make me one nervous pup. But these yummy treats help me a bunch! Made with wild salmon, natural herbs, and hemp, they really help keep me calm, cool and collected!

Want to know if these health and wellness must-haves are right for your pet? Contact my buddies at Global or visit them in-store. Their Pet Care Specialists will know exactly what you need!

And don’t forget: When you visit their St. John’s store at the Torbay Road Mall, you’ll find exclusive in-store sales! I love me a sale.

Rather shop online? You can do just that right on their main website. COMING SOON: Home delivery within 120 km of St. John’s! Just enter your postal code at check-out to determine eligibility.


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