How to keep your pets from going stir crazy during the colder months

Get outdoors, stay active, and eat well.

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This time of year, we often hear from customers, “Bear gets dry skin and dander this time of year and it drives him crazy!” or “Ollie meows to go outside and run around, but it’s just too cold!” The colder months aren’t just tough on people — they’re hard on pets too!

Here are some ways you can keep your pets from going stir crazy this fall and winter and keep them happy and healthy.

1. Make going outdoors easy

Most dogs need to be walked at least once a day. Others may need to be walked more often, depending on their breed and energy level.

Make walks a breeze this fall and winter with these tips!

1. Before you hit the road, use a protective balm like Hemp 4 Paws Nose and Paws Protection Balm on your dog’s paws and nose to protect them from the elements like ice, salt, and gravel. Your pup’s pads will thank you! (Plus, this balm is also great for kitties too!)

“I already keep the fur on Dodger’s paws trimmed during the fall and winter to prevent ice and salt buildup, but this balm gives him that extra layer of protection he needs during our walks!”

Robert Greeley (@robertgreeleyy), dog dad to Dodger and Global Pet Foods Ambassador

Photo courtesy: Robert Greeley

2. Since it gets dark so early, it’s important to make yourself seen by cars and other pedestrians. Just clip on this water resistant collar light by Nite Ize to keep your pet safe in the dark, rain, and fog.

Nobody wants to have to crawl over a snowbank in the dark to get to the closest garbage bin after your dog goes number two. (This is why I use a litter box like a civilized pet! But I digress.) Make walks easier with a bag clip like The Doo Loop. It clips on to any leash and holds poop bags so you don’t have to!

2. Prioritize indoor physical enrichment

Between the hurricanes, the fog and the snow, it’s not always realistic to get outdoors during the colder months. That means indoor physical enrichment is essential!

For dogs, cats, and small pets alike, physical enrichment can reduce stress, keep them mentally stimulated, reduce destructive behaviour patterns, engage natural instincts, increase happiness, improve sleep habits, and allow them to get rid of pent up energy — not to mention, it can prevent them from pestering you 24/7.

Here are a few customer-favourite enrichment toys new to Global this month:

1. Dogs love to play with the squeaky Moose Dog Toy by BeOneBreed for hours! It encourages different types of play and stimulation — perfect for tug-o-war and tossing across the rec room too.


2. Sophisticated cats like me still like to let loose. I’m a big fan of Cat Lures Fur Frenzy toys! These faux fur toys attach to any stick and string — and make me feel like I’m on the hunt.


3. Small pets might not want to hunt or chase, but they can still have fun! This Hay Corral by Oxbow is great for rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and other little guys who love to explore, hide, and play.

3. Enhance their diet

When pets spend more time indoors during the colder months, it doesn’t just make them stir crazy. It can cause health issues like dehydration, dry skin or weight control problems. Here are just a few ways to combat these issues with supplements and nutrition:

1. We’re shifting into soup mode! I love this chicken bone broth by Caru — and your cats and dogs will too. It tastes amazing and it’s a great way to stay hydrated and get extra essential nutrients during the colder months.

2. It’s easy for fur to dry out in the fall and winter, and dander can be itchy, annoying, and even painful to your pet. Keep their coats healthy from the inside out with Dr. Maggie’s Skin and Coat care supplement, and mix it into kibble or wet food for easy digestion.

“Natural oil supplements are an excellent way to keep your pet’s coat healthy, shiny, and dander-free. The essential oils can also reduce inflammation, which can be an issue for older pets during the colder months.”

Sam, Pet Care Specialist, Global Pet Foods St. John's

3. If your pet is less active in the winter months, they may require a lighter diet to prevent unnecessary weight gain. However, outdoor pets generally need more calories in the winter to keep them warm. All pets have different nutritional needs, but the Pet Care Specialists at Global can help you out. Just visit us in-store on Torbay Road and they’ll be happy to provide you with custom nutrition recommendations!

Keep your pets happy and healthy year-round

So, how do you keep your pets from going stir crazy during the colder months? Get outdoors, prioritize enrichment play at home, and make sure their diet contains the right everyday nutrition and supplements.

Want more ideas on how to keep your pets happy and healthy year-round? Visit us in-store on Torbay Road. Our expert Pet Care Specialists are pet parents themselves and they love sharing their tips and recommendations, especially when it comes to nutrition and enrichment.

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