Global Gives Back!

Our St. John’s Team Stepped Up to Support Rescue NL’s Operation Annie


Pets are Family

Here at Global Pet Foods, we know that pets are family – and just like every family member, all pets, whether fostered or adopted, deserve nutrition, play, and unconditional love!

Part of our mission is to support pets in need any way we can, so we partner with organizations in our communities that make a difference in the lives of vulnerable animals.

Operation Annie

We have a huge place in our hearts for Rescue NL. As a local animal rescue, the work they do is so important. Just before Christmas, they embarked on Operation Annie. We were more than proud to join in their novel rescue efforts, with the donation of supplies and staff volunteers.

Josh Blinder, co-owner of Global Pet Foods NL shares:

“Many of our staff gave their time, even giving up sleep in the middle of the night, to support Rescue NL. [. . .] In-store we’ve collected funds, offered a chance to win free Acana pet food for a year through a raffle, used the store as a drop-off location for supplies that were needed, and helped cover some of the costs of supplies needing to be purchased.”


Stepping Up for the Pups

Nicole McDonald, sales manager of our St. John’s location, really stepped up and helped Heather Ballard of Rescue NL coordinate efforts in St. John’s while Heather and her team gathered 68 vulnerable dogs and puppies in Northern Manitoba.

Nicole and staff volunteers from Global Pet Foods put forth an incredible effort to set up a temporary shelter, receive the dogs from the airport, arrange emergency transportation, AND set up a quarantine shelter and transportation all over again!

Even more volunteers helped receive foster applications as well as care for and walk the animals each day, with several Global Pet Foods staff, Nicole included, welcoming dogs and puppies into their homes.

Nicole shares a highlight from her experience:

“One dog, Chevy, just had his leg amputated. He was like a mascot: he was not bothered at all by his situation, he just wanted to be out of the cage and loved. [. . .] Most dogs (or even people) in that situation with an injury of that magnitude wouldn’t be so easy going. He was just amazing through the whole thing: happy to be there, happy to be around people, ready to knock somebody over just to get kisses – I’m sure he hasn’t lost that spirit at all.”


Community Support

Global Pet Foods supports Rescue NL throughout the year with efforts like our yearly Show Us Your Heart campaign, taking place from Friday, February 11th until Sunday, February 27th at our Torbay Road location in St. John’s. Every time a customer makes a donation, we will donate $1 too!

Heather Ballard from Rescue NL had this to say about Global Pet Foods’ support:

“Global Pet Foods has been and continues to be phenomenal throughout this mission. They donated items we needed, helped us do fundraisers, let us use the store for a drop off location for items, and their employees even volunteered their time outside of work hours to assist any way they could, off loading dogs from the plane, cleaning kennels, bathing dogs, walking dogs, and more. Some of them are even fostering and have become foster fails!”

We are so proud to partner with Rescue NL to help animals in need get the love and care they deserve! We are also so thankful for the hard work of our other partners, the St. John’s SPCA, Hoppy Homes Rescue, and Beagle Paws, in our community! Be sure to keep an eye out for fundraising efforts to support all our animal rescue partners whenever you visit our store!